My areas of work are psyche, culture and history. I have researched in archives of India, the Carl Jung Archives at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH) Zurich, C.G. Jung Biographical Archive at the Centre for the History of Medicine, Harvard, USA, and Joseph Campbell Archives at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, USA. I have lectured in Jung institutes worldwide. 

Conference & Seminar Presentations

2014. Paramapada Sopanam, International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS) annual conference at Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

2018. Earth, Ecology and The Feminine, ‘Feminist Views From Somewhere’, Jungian conference, London, UK. 

2018. Jung and Cultural Other, Tri-Annual IAJS-IAAP conference at Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. 

2019. Katabasis in an Indian Myth, Classics conference, London, UK 

2021. Animus, International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS), online seminar. 

2021. The Argumentative Jungian, ‘From Agon to Agonistics’, online Classics conference, London, UK.

2023. ‘The Presence of a Past: Reading the Ramayana’, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, UK.

Talks & Lectures

2013 – ‘Jung in India’, Goethe Institute, Calcutta, India 

2013 – ‘Jung in India’, Swissnex, Bangalore, India

2014 – ‘Jung in India’, Bangalore India International Centre, India  

2014 – ‘Jung’s Journey in India’, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, USA

2014 – ‘Jung in India: Threads of Psychological Inquiry in Historical Research’, C.G. Jung Institute, New England (Boston), Massachusetts, USA.

2014 – ‘Jung’s Journey in India: Paths of Historical and Psychological Inquiry’, International School of Analytical Psychology, ISAP, Zurich.

2014 – ‘The Inner Journey – Jung in India’, International School of Analytical psychology, ISAP, Zurich.  

2020 – ‘Decolonizing Jung: Key Approaches to Analytical Psychology in India’, The Freedom Institute, Brazil. 

2021 – ‘The Lotus Gaze – Love and Longing in The Ramayana’, Centre of Applied Jungian Studies, South Africa.

2023 – Animus, Psyche & Culture, 100th meeting of Thiasos, Brazil.

2023 – ‘Animus, Psyche and Culture: A Jungian Revision’, Swissnex, Bangalore, India


Papers & book chapters

Sengupta, S. (2013). Samudra Manthan: Reflections on an Ancient Indian Myth in Jung and India, Spring Journal, Fall edition, New Orleans, USA. 

Sengupta, S. (2017). Paramapada Sopanam: The Divine Game of Rebirth & Renewal in Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth & Renewal, Routledge, UK. 

Sengupta, S. (2020). Cultural Other in Jung’s India in International Journal of Jungian Studies (IJJS), Volume 12, Issue 1: Special Issue: Indeterminate States: Transcultural, Transracial, Transgender, Brill, Netherlands. 

Sengupta, S. (2020). Earth, Ecology and the Feminine in ‘Exploring Depth Psychology and the Female Self’, Leslie Gardner & Catriona Miller (edited), Routledge, UK. 

Sengupta, S. (2022). Katabasis in an Ancient Indian Myth in ‘The Descent of the Soul and the Archaic: Katabasis and Depth Psychology’, Paul Bishop, Terence Dawson & Leslie Gardner (edited), Routledge, UK. 

Sengupta, S. (2022). Rethinking Ecology: Myth, Meter and Measure in Jungle Nama in Journal of Analytical Psychology, (JAP), Vol 57, Issue: 5, John Wiley & Sons, UK. 

Sengupta, S. (2023). Carl Gustav Jung and India: More than a Hundred Years Later in Cahiers jungiens de psychanalyse, Jung dans le monde, 2024/1 (N° 159).

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Sengupta, S, (2013). Jung in India, Spring Journal Books, New Orleans, USA.

About Jung in India 

Sengupta has pieced together through meticulous research and appropriate speculation, a fascinating exploration of Jung’s multi-layered exploration of India. At the core of her compelling narrative are ongoing revelations about Jung’s meetings with India’s people, places, culture, history and mythology and how the Indian psyche influenced him long after his journey. We are confronted with the paradox of Jung as a deeply introverted man encountering the exotic wonders of a land that both attracted and repelled him. Jung is mostly celebrated for his explorations of the inner world, but as this extraordinary journey of a book so richly demonstrates, Jung was keenly curious and knowledgeable about the outer world and its wonderful variations.

Thomas Singer, M.D., editor of Psyche and the City: A Soul’s Guide to the Modern Metropolis and The Vision Thing: Myth, Politics, and Psyche in the World

Jung in India – Revised Edition, 2024

Sengupta, S. (2023). Animus, Psyche and Culture – A Jungian Revision, Routledge, UK. 

About Animus, Psyche and Culture

Simply in a league of its own! Building on her ground-breaking Jung in India, Sengupta makes a stellar contribution to the cultural revision – and hence renaissance – of Jungian theory and practice. It is one of the most important de-colonisations in the entire field of depth psychology and psychoanalysis. After this work, we cannot look at contra-sexuality, and especially at the animus, in an unchanged way.

Professor Andrew Samuels, author of The Political Psyche